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Whatungarongaro te tangata toitū te whenua

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Charts & hydrographic services

Nautical information including tide predictions, chart updates and hazard reporting

Crown property

Crown land, leases and licences, including high country pastoral, biosecurity and forestry

Geodetic system

Geodetic survey marks, datums, projections and conversions

Maps & topographic services

Maps and aerial images, topographic data and technical specifications

New Zealand Geospatial Office

Coordinating New Zealand's development and use of geospatial information

Overseas Investment Office

Consent to invest in New Zealand and decisions on applications

Place names & street names

New Zealand Geographic Board; place and street name searches and information

Survey & titles

Order a copy of a property title or other land record, plus land registration and cadastral survey information and standards


The Valuer-General, regulation of rating valuations and the Valuers Registration Board